Carl-Eric Rasch

Risk/compliance/integrity specialist and professional at corporates (industries and financial companies), manager, marketing-entrepreneur, politician and trainer. I am manager with a focus on human relationships with a good view for processes. I am strong in taking the lead in change processes like creating “awareness” and change of  “tone at the top”. I will always focus on realization of goals and targets. I have a solid and senior influence on team and stakeholders. I am serious, dedicated and sometimes critical but always loyal to tasks and work. I am a quick decision maker and I handle cases vigorously. I keep the overview in times of stress and I am able to think clearly in times of pressure so that the right decisions will be taken in time. Quick in distinguish main and minor issues. I will always try to come to the heart of complex situations and come up with solutions. Pragmatic.


Carl-Eric can be deployed for:

  • Set up and embedding/implementation of Compliance framework into the organization;
  • Analysis, establish and improve of Compliance/integrity related risks in the organization;
  • Monitor or screen and/or analyze transactions by financial institutions;
  • Fulfill (local) investigations related to integrity (e.g. being initiated by a supervisor/regulator; AFM, DNB);
  • Prepare and set up periodic Compliance related reports. Discuss these (voluntary or on request) with senior management;
  • Prepare, judge and discuss risk related analyses related to integrity (e.g. money laundering, terrorism financing, sanctions, insider dealing, fraud and/or corruption);
  • Has practical knowledge of  Wwft and sanction laws;
  • Can be used for (awareness-) trainings on the above topics, also to improve the  tone at the top, so also meant for senior executives within the organization.